Residential & Commercial Dumpster Bin Rental

About Dump Runz Bins

Dump Runz offers dumpster bins for both residential and commercial use. Dumpster bins are for folks who want to save money by doing the labour of filling them, instead of having us do the labour. From large commercial building or demolition projects to do-it-your-self home repair or estate clean outs, we have a bin for you. Bins are rented at a fixed rate for a set time period (usually 7 days), come with a fixed delivery and pick up rate, and arrive with a smile. Oh, and all bins have a door at the rear for easy access!

Process of Renting a Bin

When you call Dump Runz, we’ll help you figure out the size you need and give you a firm quote over the phone for bin delivery and removal cost, depending on which geographical zone you’re in. It’s hard to estimate the tipping fees until the moment we’re paying them, but we can give you a rough idea after you tell us what you have. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll take your information, set a date and time for delivery, and on that date and time you’ll find the bin waiting where you want it. Better yet, you’ll have a firm quote before we show up!

Driveway Protection

When we set a bin down in a construction zone, it’s usually on dirt or gravel so no one cares if it leaves a rut, but what if it’s on your new asphalt, concrete, or pebblestone driveway? Whenever driveway protection is called for, we use proprietary wooden pads on both ends of the bin to avoid the steel bin contacting the driveway. Sometimes the wheels on the rear of the bin roll while it’s being unloaded and loaded, but with our protection your driveway is safe from steel-on-stone wear!

Tipping Fees

While we can give you a firm price on delivery and pick up of the bin, tipping fees are a variable that’s not so easy to estimate, because all waste is not priced the same when it comes to the landfill. Prices at the local landfill can range from $15 a tonne to $255 a tonne, so knowing how to pack the bin matters a lot, because unloading it the right way saves you money. If you pack the dumpster bin the right way, not only will you pay less in tipping fees but you’ll allow us to recycle or upcycle anything you think is salvageable. The driver will explain all that when the bin is delivered.

Prices & Service

We offer dumpster bins at prices slightly lower than our competition, and we have a price-match guarantee, but what we really excel at is service. We are extremely careful about who we hire, so you can be sure you’ll get first class service that goes the extra mile when the bins arrive. Once you try us you won’t go back!

Why Hire a Junk Removal Company Dump Runz

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Dump Runz Dumpster Bin Rental

All Inclusive pricing

($300 - $700)

Conveniently delivered to your desired drop off location and picked up whenever your project is complete.

  • Ideal for:
    Rental and estate clean outs, home renovations, demolitions, construction projects, moving debris and leftovers, recycling, donations, brush
  • How much debris?
    10 to 25 cubic yards
  • How long can I rent it
    As long as you need it! The delivery/pick up cost includes 7 days for the larger bins or 3 days for the rock bins, but you can rent them by the day after 7 days if you need to.
  • What are the cost considerations?
    Location, size of the load, type of load, duration of the project

Dump Runz Dumpster Sizes Fro Bin Rental

Whether you’re completing a small home renovation or a large-scale construction job there is a lot of planning that goes into the process.

Concrete Dumpster Bin

The concrete bin is 2’ X 14’ X 7’
The smallest Dump Runz bin is made for dirt, gravel, concrete, large stones, or small loads of household material, but it’s flexible.

  • Driveway Removal
  • Dirt Removal
  • Small Roof Shingle Removal
  • Heavy Mechanically Loaded Boulders (up to 6.5 tonnes)
  • Heavy Items

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Residential & Commercial Dumpster Bin Rental

17 Yard Dumpster Bin

The 17 Yard Dumpster Bin is 4’ X 14’ X 7’
The 17 yard Dump Runz bin is good for most small to medium household clean outs

  • Medium Size Apartment Clean Out
  • yard Waste Removal
  • Moving leftovers, including recycling
  • Medium size estate and rental clean outs
  • Appliance removal

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Residential & Commercial Dumpster Bin Rental

25 Yard Dumpster Bin

The 25 Yard Dumpster Bin is 6’X 14’ X 7’

  • Ideal for large yard waste and brush piles.
  • Large lots of recycling
  • Larger household item clean outs
  • Large homeless camp removal
  • Almost any load that is large in volume but lighter in mass

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Residential & Commercial Dumpster Bin Rental

Bins Pricing

Size in yards Dimensions Days Price (+GST) Extra days Monthly Action
Rock Bin 8’ X 14’ X 2 Up to 3 $200 + Tipping $30 + GST $500 + GST Book Now
17 Yard Bin 8’ X 14’ X 4’ Up to 7 $210 + Tipping $35 + GST $500 + GST Book Now
25 Yard (Brush) 8’ X 14’ X 7’ Up to 7 $245 + Tipping $40 + GST $550 + GST Book Now

Additional Delivery Charges

(Includes both delivery and pickup)

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
$0 $50 $75 $100 Zone 4 plus $1.5 per km (Both Ways)

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