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Dump Runz began in 2008 and now offers dump runs and dumpster bins to the entire North Okanagan

About Us

Dump Runz started with a pick up truck bought at an auction for $375 back in 2008. For several years the fledgling company was a sideshow to other occupations, but over the next few years it grew a little each year, until now it spans the known universe and rivals Tesla. Okay, maybe not yet, but we can dream, can’t we? Besides, we do more dump runs than Tesla, so there’s that. Currently, we serve the entire North Okanagan and Mexico. We don’t do much business in Mexico, but it’s fun to imagine doing dump runs with a margarita in hand, and claiming we do makes us look pretty important, right?

And by the way, in addition to the original business of showing up and taking away your icky stuff, we’ve expanded into commercial and residential dumpster bins!

In real life we run four different sizes of truck: a pick up truck with high sides, a 1 ton stake truck, a 17 yard truck and a 25 yard truck, as well as a small dirt hauler. In terms of bins, we offer a concrete bin, a 17 yard bin and a 25 yard bin, and we can carry up to 7 tons at a time. Seven tons is a lot, in case you were wondering.

Also in real life, we’re successful mostly because we have a service ethos that’s hard to beat. When you call us, we answer the phone, when we say we’ll be there we are (or we phone to let you know if we’re running behind or ahead by more than 10 minutes), and when we leave we charge exactly what we said we would, unless there’s more than we originally anticipated. We don’t nickle & dime you, we don’t spring surprises on you, and we don’t play the game of hiding the cost until we’re actually there. And we do it all for roughly half the cost of the big guys.

Finally, we recycle all sorts of items and upcycle others. For example, we often take donations to various charities, we give usable furniture to an upcycle company that refinishes and resells them, and we support a local charity with recycled cardboard, plastic, and styrofoam. Then any wood, metal, shingles, drywall that’s left is further divided into recyclable piles at the landfill, and only the completely unusable garbage that’s left is buried in the landfill.

So we may not be as big as Tesla, and we may not do much in Mexico, but we think you’ll like us anyway. Our clients do!

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