About Us

I have always had a dream. Ever since I was a little kid I knew that some day I’d become a Garbage Removal Specialist and haul junk around hither and yon for the betterment of mankind. Yeah, I still have to work in my other business to be able to afford to haul junk, but at least I get to leave the office whenever you need me to come and get your garbage!

I enjoy taking your junk so much that sometimes I take a long time to get rid of it. Why just the other day I stopped for lunch just so I could gaze lovingly at the pile of junk Betsy had in back. I always make it to the dump eventually, but hey, why not string it out as long as possible to better enjoy the feeling of accomplishment? So if you see me trundling down 30th avenue with a truckload of junk, wave…it makes me feel important and helpful.

Oh, and then there’s Old Betsy. We can’t forget Betsy. She’s my truck, and she’s as dependable as summer in the Okanagan. Sometimes even more dependable. Rain, shine or snow, she fires right up every time and trundles down the road to wherever I point her. She ain’t pretty, but I love her anyway.

But enough about me. More important for you, I’ll take all your icky stuff away so you don’t have to.