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“If you’re a contractor, roofer, or anyone who uses Dump Runz often, you’ll fall in love with our Dump Runz Contractor Service. We’re small enough to be nimble but big enough to be there on time every time. When you call, or at least every time you call during reasonable hours, you’ll talk to a real human being! Not only that, but the person you talk to on the phone will be an experienced problem solver who has worked on all our trucks, so your questions won’t be answered with blank stares or surprise announcements like “Sorry, this is just a paging service.”

Benefits of dealing with Dump Runz:

  • Immediate phone contact
  • Courteous service
  • Texting if preferred
  • Precise delivery times
  • Precise removal times
  • Bin tracking
  • Itemized invoicing (Bins by date of delivery, individual pulls, and removal; crewed junk removal by date)
  • Driveway pads
  • Non-grumpy personnel”
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Pickup Small Truck
Pickup Small Truck

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