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Not only that, but we don’t spit, scratch ourselves, or leer at your legs…how excellent is that?
We even recycle and donate whatever we can. Plus, we’ll take pretty much everything except large rabid wolves and vicious fanged parakeets.

  • Spring Cleanup

  • Yard Waste Removal

  • Landlord Helper

  • Garbage Removal

  • Household Junk Removal

  • Construction Waste Removal

  • Shed Cleanouts

  • Old Furniture Removal

  • You name it!

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Our available truck sizes include:

Questions about sizes? Check out our Dump Runz Sizing Guide.

Our available bin sizes include:

Questions about sizes? Check out our Dump Runz Sizing Guide.

Contractor’s Service

If you’re a contractor, roofer, or anyone who uses Dump Runz often, you’ll fall in love with our Dump Runz Contractor Service. We’re small enough to be nimble but big enough to be there on time every time. When you call, or at least every time you call during reasonable hours, you’ll talk to a real human being! Not only that, but the person you talk to on the phone will be an experienced problem solver who has worked on all our trucks!


Dump Runz Sizing Chart: (by project)

Need help determining what size is right for your project?

What can I put in a Dump Runz Dumpster Bin?

Pretty much anything that’s not living can go in a Dump Runz bin, but the trick to saving money is in how well it’s packed. You see, the Lords of the Dump charge different rates for different things. For example, there’s a different rate for each of wood, metal, concrete (crushables), drywall, shingles…and, well you get the picture.
The second most expensive category is drywall and the least expensive is concrete (with no rebar) or metal (yes, you actually pay to leave metal there!). But mix them all together and you get the dreaded C&D (construction and demolition) category at a whopping $255 per tonne (as of 2021). Of course, if you have all wood or all concrete, you’ll be charged at the wood or concrete rate, so it doesn’t matter. But whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of thinking almost all wood is the same as all wood though, because you may find that the Lords of the Dump rate it as C&D and that would suck.
Sometimes cost is no issue, and sometimes there’s not much we can do about it, but if you can save money in tipping fees, we’ll help you save it. Our driver will explain how to load the bins in a way that saves you money when the bin is dropped off.

By the way, if you hire a truck and crew, we do the loading and you don’t have to!


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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re throwing away something that has a lot of value, and wish you could have found a home for it? Like that stuff you tried to sell in a garage sale and it wouldn’t sell but you have to get rid of it? Check out what we do with it!

Furniture – we donate what we can to charities like the following:

But sometimes furniture is old and scratched or even out of date, and those organizations won’t take it. When that happens, instead of taking the easy way out and throwing it out at the dump like everyone else does, we donate it to a local furniture refinisher, Blessed Distressed https://www.facebook.com/blesseddistress/community/ who transforms it into a work of art. We love seeing the results!

And this piece we’re especially proud of. It was an old piece of furniture from the very early 20th century or late 19th century, and the reason there’s no ‘before’ picture is that the piece literally fell apart in our hands as we were loading it onto the truck…I guess a century is hard on glue, and since there were few nails, the joints let go.. Blessed Distress took the bundle of sticks and glass and turned it into this!

Of course the usual recycling like plastics, glass, or electronics, we take to
– Venture training http://vdacl.ca/, a charity that helps the intellectually challenged. They in turn sell the recycling in order to continue doing the excellent work they do.

We hate throwing things out, as ironic as that sounds coming from a company called Dump Runz, and we make every effort to recycle it and reuse things when you’re done with them!


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