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Dump Runz offers junk pickup for both commercial and residential clients, ranging from a single item to major, multi-acre and/or multi-story rental cleanups. Dump Runs are for folks who want no part of the ickiness of cleaning up whatever it is that needs cleaning up. We have four sizes of truck (along with a crew), and when you phone, our experienced staff will help you decide which one you need. Then we’ll arrange an exact time that’s convenient for you (not “maybe between 1 and 4” like so many companies these days), and best of all we’ll show on time! If there’s a hold up we’ll phone to explain why we can’t, and that’s pretty rare!

Process of Hiring a Dump Run

When you call Dump Runz, we’ll help you figure out the size of truck you need, and unless there are special circumstances, we’ll give you a fixed rate so you know how much you’re going to pay before the truck even shows up! We’ll also give you a list of special items that the dump charges extra for so there are no surprises when we arrive. Dump runs come with a smile, except on really hot or really cold days, or amidst a pandemic, flood, fire…okay never mind…we’re always smiling.

The Crew

All of our employees are hand-picked with two things in mind: honesty and presentability. That means all of us are bondable, friendly, seven feet tall and perfect in every way. Okay, maybe the last couple are a stretch, but you know what we mean, right? We have a first class reputation (take a look at the Better Business Bureau (5 star, A+ rating) or Google (4.9 stars with more 5 star ratings than all our locally based competitors combined), or even Facebook. The reason we’re popular is because we’re nice, honest, and don’t leer!

Health and Beauty Concerns

While the pandemic stretches on, we’ll always make sure you’re protected. If we need to come inside your house or business, our crew members will wear masks, take off our shoes and generally act like nice, responsible human beings. Although we’re not movers and prefer to break things rather than treat them carefully, we won’t break your house or car while we’re carrying things that might hurt them.

Prices & Service

We offer dump runs at about half the price of the big guys, but what we really excel at is service. We are extremely careful about who we hire, so you can be sure you’ll get first class service that goes the extra mile when the truck arrives. Once you try us you won’t go anywhere else!

Dump Runz Trucks against the Hillside Vernon Dump Runz

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Junk Removal

Itemized Pricing

(Highly Variable)

  • Ideal for:
    Cleanouts, Home renovations, Demolitions, Construction projects, Moving
  • How much debris?
    10 to 25 cubic yards
  • How long can I rent it?
    As long as you need it!
  • What are the cost considerations?
    Location, Scope of the job, Duration of the project

Dump Runz Trucks with Crew

Whether you’re completing a small home renovation or a large-scale construction job there is a lot of planning that goes into the process.

Pickup Truck (Betsy)

The Betsy is 4’ X 8’ X 4’

All trucks come with a crew of two so we can remove just about anything you don’t want.

  • Single item
  • Small household loads
  • Small yard waste loads
  • One to three large appliances (depending on size)
  • 4-6 mattresses or box springs (depending on size)
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Pickup Small Truck

Big Truck (Big Brute)

The Big Brute is 7’ X 10’ X 5’’

All trucks come with a crew of two so we can remove just about anything you don’t want.

  • Larger loads of brush or yard waste bags
  • 4-8 appliances (depending on size)
  • Numerous mattresses/box springs
  • Large loads of recycling
  • Medium furniture loads

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Large truck Big Brute

17 Yard Truck

The 17 Yard Truck is 4’ X 14’ X 7’

  • Large piles of yard waste removal
  • Large piles of moving waste, including recycling
  • Medium size estate or larger apartment rental clean outs
  • Appliance removal (multiple)

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Junk Removal

25 Yard Truck

The 25 Yard Truck is 6’X 14’ X 7’

  • Ideal for large yard waste and brush piles.
  • Large lots of recycling
  • Larger household item clean outs
  • Large homeless camp removal
  • Almost any load that is large in volume but lighter in mass
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Junk Removal

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