Apartment Cleanup

Your tenant, John Filthyshorts, just skipped town and left you with a mess? Yeah, it sucks, but that’s one of the joys of being a landlord, right? Look on the bright side – now you can get in shape shovelling out the place and scrubbing everything for the next tenant! Or, on the off chance you have better things to do, like sticking pins in your eyes, you can call us!

Dump Runz offers a special service just for you. We’ll come in, shovel all the junk into bags, and the furniture into the truck, and drive off with it. If you want, we’ll even clean the apartment so it’s ready for the next tenant – who will hopefully take his own stuff when it’s his turn to go!


$180 per load in the Greater Vernon area (see cost chart for other areas: here.

$50 per hour per person to bag the garbage and, if desired, clean the apartment (shampoo the carpets, clean the walls, wash the floors, and so on).*

* The only time you’ll pay the hourly rate is if there’s a mess that we have to bag up, OR if we have to walk through the apartment taking out furniture, OR if you want our cleaning service to get the apartment back to a rentable state. If you have the furniture and the garbage bagged and ready to go so we can just back up to the pile and load it, there will be no labour charge in addition to the load charge.

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