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Dump Runz began in 2008 and now offers dump runs and dumpster bins to the entire North Okanagan


Why do you need my credit card information?
We collect credit card information as security for the bin, but that doesn’t mean we’ll actually use it. If you prefer to pay by another method, you’ll have several other options (see below).
Why can’t I just pay for the bin and contents online up front?
While we charge a set rental fee, we have no way of knowing what the load will cost at the landfill. What we do instead is wait till the bins are picked up and dumped, and only then do we charge you for the rental + tipping fees.
How much does a typical load cost?
There’s really no such thing as a typical price. Tipping fees at the landfill range from $15 per tonne to $255 per tonne. For example, metal is $15/t, wood is $30/t, and garbage is $105/t. Mix them all together and they cost $255/t as “construction & demolition.” We’ll help you plan your loading so as to minimize the cost, or if you don’t care about the cost, just throw everything in!
Do I have to pay by credit card?
If you’d prefer not to use your credit card, you have the option of paying by cheque, e-transfer or cash.
What do you do with the credit card information?
We hold it until the job is complete and then destroy it.


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